Top companies to apply as a CSE Fresher

Landing your first job as a computer science engineering (CSE) graduate can seem daunting. With thousands of freshers competing for limited openings across companies, how do you make sure your resume stands out? The key is to identify and target organizations that align with your interests, provide good learning opportunities and offer stability to launch your career. This comprehensive guide outlines the top companies you should apply to as a CSE fresher along with key skills to develop and preparation strategies.


For a CSE fresher, the campus placement season is crucial to get a good start professionally. While core engineering companies hire for some roles, a majority of jobs for freshers are in the IT sector with major multinational corporations and emerging startups picking a huge chunk of talent from colleges across India. Based on your preferences, you can aim for reputed product-based companies or IT service giants for stability and brand value. Startups also offer an exciting avenue to learn and contribute significantly to innovative products.

Carefully evaluating your options and finding the right fit based on your interests, career goals, and aspirations is vital. This article covers the leading companies across segments that actively hire freshers along with an analysis of their key selection criteria, work culture and scope for growth. Equipped with this overview, you can make informed choices on where to focus your preparation and job applications.

Key Skills Needed as a CSE Fresher

To beat the competition and get shortlisted for opportunities at major tech players, there are some must-have skills that you need to develop during your engineering course:

Core Programming Skills

Having exceptional programming skills is a basic prerequisite that recruiters look for in a CSE fresher today. Based on job role requirements, different companies may test you on languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby among others. Work extensively on coding challenges and contests on platforms like GeeksforGeeks, HackerRank, LeetCode etc. to become adept in languages like C++, Java, Python and build strong fundamentals in data structures and algorithms.

Problem Solving Aptitude

You need sharp analytical thinking and problem solving skills to be able to crack the coding tests and technical interviews during selections. Regularly solve complex programming problems, develop optimal algorithms for scenarios and analyze large blocks of code. Participate in national and international coding contests to evaluate and improve your skills.

Project Experience

Having real-world project experience demonstrates your programming skills and ability to build solutions end-to-end. Work on developing relevant projects in domains like app development, IoT, machine learning etc. preferably as part of hackathons, internships or independent learning. This provides valuable experience of coding, debugging, testing and shipping projects.

Soft Skills

While your technical expertise is core, you need strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively in teams. Prepare thoroughly for technical interviews to articulate your approaches clearly. Also, work on areas like teamwork, time management and people skills.

Top MNCs for CSE Freshers

For their brand value, structured training and stability, major IT companies continue to be the most favored among freshers for starting their careers. Some of the top names:


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the biggest recruiter in the industry hiring over 35,000 freshers annually from engineering colleges across India. The selection process is very rigorous evaluating students on quantitative, programming and communication skills through tests like TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT) and Ninja. There is intense competition to get into TCS, so you need to prepare extensively for their assessments. Work culture is professional and freshers undergo comprehensive training on joining.


Another major IT services firm, Infosys recruits thousands of students from top engineering institutes for their global operations. They assess students on programming skills, quantitative aptitude and communication abilities over multiple selection stages. Infosys offers excellent opportunities to work on the latest technologies and domains through their finishing school after campus onboarding.


A leading global IT services company, Wipro takes in freshers in large numbers each year for technology roles. Their multi-round selection process spanning online coding tests, group discussions and interviews evaluates you on coding ability, analytical thinking, soft skills and domain knowledge. Wipro has maintained a steady track record of visits to B-schools year-on-year.

HCL Technologies

HCL Tech is one of the top IT services firms in India with a significant focus on hiring and grooming fresh engineering talent. HCL hiring process tests the coding and problem-solving skills of students over multiple levels. The company has been hiring 2000+ freshers via their Early Career Program off-campus as well. Work culture is focused and provides good growth opportunities.


Global consulting and technology major Accenture recruits freshers from premier institutes for their technology as well as consulting profiles. Accenture looks for strong analytical reasoning, programming and soft skills in applicants. For consulting roles, they focus on aptitude, ability to deal with clients and manage teams. Accenture offers excellent learning programs and opportunities to work with global clients.

Top Startups for CSE Freshers

While IT biggies still dominate hiring volumes, startups provide an exciting alternative to launch your career and build innovative solutions from scratch. Some great startup options are:


E-commerce major Flipkart has scaled rapidly over the years and today engages over lakhs of users. With small, nimble teams working closely together, Flipkart provides great opportunities to work on high impact products like Flipkart Ads, Shopsy, SuperCoins etc. Preparation difficulty level for Flipkart is moderate.


Leading fintech company Paytm has grown exponentially into a payments giant and one of the most coveted workplaces for freshers. With innovative products, engineering challenges at scale and cool office culture, Paytm offers unmatched learning opportunities in the digital payments space.


Indian ride-hailing leader Ola builds technology to connect millions of customers with rides daily while optimizing operations and profitability. Ola has a startup culture and you get to build innovative mobility solutions by leveraging data, AI and new business models.


Food delivery and restaurant discovery platform Zomato needs strong technical talent as it scales rapidly. Work spans machine learning, cloud infrastructure, real-time analytics and more. High ownership and fast-paced work though work hours are demanding.


Leading food ordering and delivery app Swiggy requires solid engineering strength across domains as it enables food delivery for lakhs of consumers. Provides opportunities to build technology ground-up and work in a collaborative high-performance culture.

How to Prepare for Placement Interviews

Success in landing your first job requires meticulous preparation across technical and soft skills:

Programming Practice

Practice coding challenges across platforms regularly, compete in contests, solve complex programs using optimal data structures and algorithms. Code in platforms like HackerRank, LeetCode, GeeksforGeeks to evaluate and improve skills.

Aptitude Preparation

Most IT companies have stringent aptitude tests so work extensively on maths, quantitative, logical reasoning by solving previous years’ papers. Having sharp analytical skills helps in coding and technical interviews too.

Technical Interview Readiness

Study computer science fundamentals thoroughly like CN, OS, DBMS, Networks among others. Work through samples so that you can articulate your approaches properly during technical interviews.

Communication Skills

Hone your verbal skills, body language and learn how to accurately present your ideas and solutions while interacting with recruiters. This makes a significant impact in your performance.

Internships & Projects

Complete 1-2 solid industry internships and work on 3-4 good projects in domains like app development, IoT, AI/ML etc. to gain practical experience and demonstrate your competencies better.


The IT sector provides abundant opportunities for fresh CSE graduates to kickstart their careers in reputed organizations. Identify companies that align with your aspirations and interests, whether larger stable firms or fast-paced startups. Focus extensively on building programming skills, technical and soft skills to emerge successful in the placement process. With diligent preparation and putting your best foot forward, you can get your dream job and embark on an exciting technology career.


Q1. What is the typical CTC offered for CSE freshers?

Ans. Most top companies offer between 3-5 lakh CTC for freshers. In startups, salaries may be slightly lower around 2.5-3.5 lakhs but come with ESOPs.

Q2. What is the best way to prepare for aptitude and programming tests?

Ans. Solving previous years’ test papers, mock tests and regular practice on platforms like GeeksforGeeks, Interviewbit, HackerRank help prepare effectively.

Q3. How important are academics for placement shortlisting?

Ans. Most companies have a minimum academic cut-off around 60-70%. But good scores definitely strengthen your chances of getting shortlisted.

Q4. What if I don’t get placed in campus drives?

Ans. You can apply directly to company portals or leverage your alumni network. Many companies hire throughout the year based on requirements.

Q5. Which companies offer the maximum software developer jobs?

Ans. TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte and Cognizant are major recruiters with thousands of developer openings.