[2023] Top Companies to Apply in Recession | Full-time and Intern Roles


With growing concerns around a global economic slowdown in 2023 and recession, job seekers in India also face uncertainty regarding career prospects and hiring scenarios. However, history indicates that even during overall downturns, certain resilient sectors and companies have continued recruitment and onboarding in the Indian job market.

With the right strategy, planning, and persistence, both fresh graduates and experienced professionals looking for jobs in 2023 can identify and capitalize on relevant opportunities.

In this comprehensive article, we first examine the rationale behind continuing an active job search even amidst predictions of a recession or slowdown. We then highlight some key Indian industries and business verticals that have historically been resilient during periods of economic contraction.

Additionally, we profile some of India’s top companies across these sectors that are indicating continued hiring plans and onboarding projections for 2023. Tips are also provided for job seekers across experience levels to stand out, get noticed, and maximize their chances of success during the recruiting process.

Why You Should Continue Your Job Search in 2023 Despite the Slowdown Predictions

Given the dominant narrative around hiring freezes, job cuts, and muted recruitment, it is natural for any job seeker to feel anxious and discouraged. However, there are some compelling reasons to keep up the job search momentum, irrespective of macroeconomic projections:

Build In-demand Skills

Even if the job you land initially is not your dream role, starting work and gaining experience builds hard and soft skills that strengthen your candidacy when hiring picks up again. Particularly look to build capabilities in domains projected to stay in demand.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Securing a job now means you build affinity with an organization and get the opportunity to demonstrate your competence and work ethic during your tenure. This enables you to be in a better position to be considered for internal job openings, promotions, and transition opportunities that open up down the line.

Exploit Lower Competition

Since active job searches see a decline during downturn periods, your resume and application have a higher chance of standing out versus times of intense competition. Similarly, tapping into your professional network for referrals and insider leads becomes more feasible with lower clutter and noise.

Undoubtedly, the job market slows down across sectors and segments during periods of anticipated economic contraction. However, with the right strategy, mindset, skill building, application tactics, and persistence, it remains very much possible for motivated job seekers across experience levels to land suitable and promising roles even in 2023.

Industries in India that Tend to Stay Resilient During Downturns

While hiring tends to get impacted universally during recessions or downturns, some industries and business verticals tend to prove more resilient than others. Focusing your job search on these relatively insulated sectors boosts your probability of success:

Information Technology Services & Solutions

India’s IT industry has matured to be globally competitive and a sector strategic to economies worldwide. Top IT services firms like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, etc. are expected to continue growing at a healthy pace. They also have reserves to fulfill existing job offers. Roles in software development, testing, IT infrastructure support, consulting, etc. are still widely available.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The fundamental demand for pharmaceutical products, devices, clinical diagnostics, hospitals, and health insurance persists despite economic ups and downs. Leading Indian players like Apollo Hospitals, Max Healthcare, Piramal, Sun Pharma, Dr Reddy’s Labs etc. mostly maintain recruitment plans and have openings across various functions.

Education, Training & EdTech Platforms

Both K-12 schools and higher education institutes rely more on public funding and fees rather than direct consumer spending. So hiring for teachers, admins, professors, and operational roles tends to remain steady. The EdTech sector is also booming with firms like Byju’s, Unacademy, Vedantu, etc. expanding rapidly.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

India’s BFSI sector is a pillar of the economy and wavers less with business cycles. Leading banks, NBFCs, mutual funds, wealth managers, PE/VC funds, fintech firms, and insurers like HDFC, ICICI, Kotak, Bajaj Finance, etc. focus on hiring fresh and experienced talent. Actuarial, risk management and analytics roles are in demand.

Public Sector Undertakings

As major public sector employers, PSUs like NTPC, Coal India, PowerGrid, ONGC, IOCL, BPCL, etc. are relatively insulated from downturns. Energy, commodities, infrastructure, manufacturing, and transport PSUs continue to hire across functions, albeit with government norms. Banking PSUs also maintain recruitment.

Prominent Companies Planning Continued Hiring in 2023

While subdued business sentiment will impact budgets across the board, some resilient firms are still indicating significant hiring plans and onboarding targets for 2023. Here are a few major names across sectors:

Tata Consultancy Services

The bellwether of India’s IT sector, TCS is expected to honor existing offers and onboard 40,000 freshers in FY 2024. TCS sees this as a long-term investment to meet demand across IT services, consulting, operations, and digital transformations.


Another IT services leader, Infosys will not hire on-campus in FY 2023. Also, it has faced backlash for the new 70-hour-per-week work policy

Apollo Hospitals

India’s largest hospital chain plans to add over 9000 beds over the next few years. This requires expanding staff strength across nurses, doctors, therapists, lab technicians, pharmacists, etc. Corporate roles like HR, IT, and Finance also see demand.

Amazon India

Despite global headwinds in commerce, Amazon India aims to hire 20,000 seasonal roles to meet festive demand. It also has openings in software development, HR, accounts management, and customer support.


India’s largest private sector bank plans to recruit 5000 professionals across branches and corporate functions like IT, analytics, cloud computing etc. to support a growing business. It also aims to onboard 2000 fresh graduates.


The EdTech leader continues expanding exponentially across India and overseas. It forecasts hiring over 10,000 new team members in product, technology, operations, sales, and other segments. The focus is also on regional language platforms.

Tips for Job Seekers to Stand Out and Get Hired in 2023

Here are some proactive things you can do across experience levels to maximize your odds of success:

For Fresh Graduates

  • Take up internships, training programs, and campus secondment roles to gain domain experience
  • Develop niche skills like analytics, data science, content creation, etc. to boost employability
  • Network extensively online and offline to find openings and get employee referrals
  • Treat aptitude tests, group discussions, and interviews as practice rather than one-shot makes or breaks

For Experienced Professionals

  • Reskill and upskill in leading technologies, frameworks, and industry best practices
  • Emphasize work ethic, client focus, teamwork, integrity, and leadership skills
  • Leverage professional networks and social media groups to find relevant openings
  • Customize resumes and cover letters to align with company needs and role demands
  • Prepare thoroughly for case interviews, technical Q&As, psychometric assessments, etc.

For All

  • Research target companies thoroughly and convey passion/fit for their culture
  • Follow up diligently post-interview with hiring managers to reiterate interest
  • Be open-minded about role mandates; focus on building experience and new-age skills

Conclusion: Consistent Action Is Key During Downturns

In summary, while overall hiring sentiment dips during anticipated slowdowns, history proves that opportunities do exist across experience levels and sectors in the Indian job market. By focusing on high-demand roles in resilient sectors and companies, and employing the right strategies across job search, application, interview, and selection processes, both freshers and experienced professionals can get hired by reputed firms even in 2023.

The key is to maintain motivation, expand your skills, and continue taking consistent targeted actions across the recruitment funnel despite the challenging environment. With patience, persistence, and positivity, you can absolutely further your career this year. Stay determined and continue acting on the relevant next steps.


Q1: Which sectors in India tend to hire even during recessions or downturns?

IT services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, financial services, and public sector undertakings have historically remained relatively resilient.

Q2: What types of entry-level roles should fresh graduates focus on?

Look for openings like IT services trainees, R&D assistants, sales development associates, finance KPO analysts, etc. Internships provide good experience too.

Q3: What’s the best way for experienced professionals to stand out?

Emphasize proven skills in domains projected to stay in demand. Showcase technology expertise, work ethic, team collaboration, and leadership ability.

Q4: Should I upskill during the downturn period to boost my candidacy?

Absolutely, utilize the time to build in-demand hard and soft skills. This keeps you competitive and prepares you for new opportunities when hiring rebounds.

Q5: Do smaller startups get impacted more than large, stable companies?

Yes, early-stage startups often enforce hiring freezes during funding winters. Larger firms with reserves can better maintain recruitment budgets.